Major Electrical Distributor Embraces B2B Led Trading Platform Stack of Brands®

Posted: Mon, 06/10/2024 - 16:21 | By Szabrina

A leading “electrical material distributor” in Hungary, with a network of 39 outlets nationwide have recently implemented Nestix’s Stack of Brands® platform within their business operating model.

Positioned to cover most of the local projects their CRM lists on average 1500 projects a month. Never involved directly, they typically supply local contractors and project owners with electrical materials.

They carry all the well known electricity brands but they also have a couple of own brands, with products imported from Chinese OEM manufacturers.


Optimise product portfolio whilst maintaining optimum stock levels.

Electrical Distributor Embraces 1
Objective #1: Optimise Portfolio



On the electrical materials side, they have established relationships with top brands. On the LED lighting the landscape is more dynamic with less well established (embedded) distribution channels. For example for MiBOXER/Mi-Light they had several approved vendors with very fragmented, on the flipside often overlapping product portfolio (same product with different part numbers, EAN codes and markings).

Electrical Distributor Embraces 2
Synchronise/Groom Product Database


Switch to one vendor with a portfolio as complete and as consistent as possible.

Nestix’s interactive catalog system PDF2cart® was a spectacular entry point as they could see an organised portfolio. Having the product listed and organised in terms of description, properties, pictures, pricing and availability information was more crucial for them than having that particular product on stock right away.



Nestix's SynkLink™ option offers them value as they could easily list the products to their E-Commerce platform with the right parameters and pictures.

Electrical Distributor Embraces 4
SynkLink™ in action


“We are at the beginning of the cooperation. They have already listed our complete MiBOXER portfolio so far, with an additional 3 brands being onboarded as we speak. ” said Tamas Csibi, CEO of Nestix Trading Inc.

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