Why us

The integration of the PDF2cart API was quick and smooth. That has extended our online portfolio with more than 40,000 line items overnight. All this generating an extra 17% sales for us in the first 3 months.

— Jozsef V., ledhullam.hu, Hungary

Sourcing from Nestix is a great value for us. Most of the products we used to import from China, are now available on the Stack of Brand B2B platform. For us, it eliminates the long transit times from China to Europe and removes the headache of keeping extensive stock in our warehouse.

— Zvjezdan V., Agencija Prag d.o.o., Slovenia

Dealing with lighting projects requires a vast portfolio of products as every project needs a different approach, different solution. We enjoy working with the B2B platform of Nestix as a one-stop-shop since they can ship very fast most of the products we usually (urgently :)) need.

— Petr S., Smart LED Lighting s.r.o., Czech Republic

About us

Nestix Inc. provides innovative solutions for manufacturers to increase the power of their Brand and with that, opportunity to reach Top Resellers in the European Union. We aggregate the Brands as a vast portfolio available on our powerful B2B platform and put it at our Resellers’ disposal through a unique Cloud-Service.

Benefit to Brand

» Easy launch of your Brand in Europe;

» Local market expertise at your disposal;

» Localization advisory: SKU, European EAN code, language, currency;

» MSRP control in one place;

» Efficient B2B platform to reach Top Resellers;

» Logistics and Inventory Management; European Express Delivery.

Benefit to Reseller

» Extend your portfolio instantly with 1000’s of new products stored in EU;

» Source Global Products Locally (EU): Avoid risky and cumbersome importing/logistical issues;

» Fast order fulfillment without the hassle of stocking;

» Distribution Center in Budapest, Fulfillment Centers in more countries;

» European Express Delivery;

» Robust B2B platform to Manage your Catalog portfolio and purchases;

» Know-how/expertise in lighting industry: Advisory for you on product-fit/marketing issues;

» Analytics on how your activated Catalogs perform and convert;

» Innovative E-Commerce Tools right on your website. Fast API integration;

» Incremental Revenue!

Benefit to End-User

» Find extra products online;

» PDF-like Catalog Experience, But: Browse, scroll, search faster/easier;

» Product pricing (MSRP) instantly available;

» Regular cart operations instantly available;

» Innovative E-Commerce Tools.


Local Experience

45+ years of accumulated management talent

60+ years of accumulated sales experience

80+ years of accumulated knowledge in lighting industry

local experience



Our PDF2cart technology completely changes your perception about catalog browsing. 

Scrolling, browsing, searching, selecting is a thrill. 

Structured product info at your fingertips. Hey, it’s a Catalog ;)

Instant pricing info, purchasing and cart operations: a walk-in-a-park



B2B Platform

Brands can monitor and enjoy statistics/analytics about their Catalog and product performance.

Vendors can see product availability and order products on the spot. Statistics/Analytics about the Catalogs they activated on their own E-Commerce platform

B2B platform



Fast product delivery from European Stock. We are covered with strategic contracts with key express deliverers throughout the European Union.





Click to see our brands and get something more than a PDF experience:

  • Speed: Search by name, expressions, SKU or filter catalogs by product category;
  • Pricing: See instantly pricing of any product;
  • Interactivity: Part numbers are clickable and show you more product details and availability;
  • Details: Zoom in/out any catalog page and see product details;
  • Integration: Integrate the catalog API into your E-Comm platform and add more than 50,000 line items to your offering;
  • Cart operations: Your personalised PDF2cart™ application will allow your customers to instantly shop from PDF to cart.


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