Posted: Tue, 03/19/2024 - 09:24 | By Szabrina


The new ultra slim (18 mm),HYRITE TLG series, thanks to its special built-in circuitry, stands out from the conventional LED power supplies:

- Parallel connection option: HYRITE Parallel power supplies of same voltage [V] can be connected in parallel, regardless of the wattage [W] of each individual power supply. The resulting power source will be the sum of the power [W] of the connected power supplies.*

- IP68 protection: fully waterproof, able to work permanently under water;

- Aluminium housing;

- Ultra slim design (18 mm);

- Protection against short circuit, overload and overheating;

- Available in both 12 and 24 Volt range;

- Ideal for professional applications where size and reliability is important, i.e. signage industry.

    * Conventional power supplies cannot be galvanically connected in parallel with each other, because the voltage and phase differences between them, even if minimal, would not add up to their power output as the current generated by the potential differences would even take away from the total power. In contrast, HYRITE Paralel power supplies incorporate an innovative circuitry that eliminates these differences and brings the paired power supplies into sync. For example, if you connect 2 pcs of 300 watt HYRITE power supplies in parallel, you get a true 600 watt power supply.


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