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Posted: Fri, 08/11/2023 - 14:50 | By Szabrina

Sunclean Sign

Illuminates When People Come, Disinfects When People Leave

59S is the global leader in UV-C disinfection. SunClean is one of the brand from 59S, designed to keep people safe and healthy. 59S SunClean lighting is blazing the trail in integrating UV-C disinfection into LED lighting. Intelligent, automatic disinfection, air-cleaning, and illumination 3-in-1.

Lighting with the disinfecting power of the sun. No more physical harm from chemical disinfectants. Each SunClean™lighting product is equipped with a military-grade 5.8G radar. Before each disinfection cycle, a self-diagnosis is performed to ensure safe product performance. If the radar fails, disinfection stops automatically.

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