The Italian brand STEAB has created the Paguro® series in search of solutions to protect electrical connections in harsh environments. Today, the Paguro® family offers a wide range of solutions and is able to meet various market demands. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that Paguro® family connectors are pre-filled with a mesh gel. Thus, once the cables have been connected with the accessories provided with the product, the gel ensures complete protection.

The GEL covers all cables and connectors, ensuring electrical insulation and preventing the ingress of dust and moisture, both between the outer surface of the cables and the outer box, and between the inner insulation layers and the separate conductors. This extra protection is a unique feature of STEAB's IP68 waterproof connectors, while other solutions only offer protection based on sealing the cable's outer insulation.

With almost two million units produced and sold worldwide, STEAB is a pledge of the customer satisfaction. Your connection will be safe!


Key Benefits:

  • - Cable connections are made using ordinary terminal blocks or simple cable connectors.
  • - The connector does not require seals, penetrations, or rubber sleeves.
  • - All boxes are provided with cable clamps for secure fixing of the cables in both pulling and pushing directions.
  • - If necessary, the junction boxes can be reopened with a screwdriver, but the terminal block cannot be reused.
  • - Over time, the gel remains soft, allowing for reuse of connections without the need to cut the cable at the connector end.


Wide Range:

From simpler models with line-through connections (one incoming wire and one outgoing wire) to larger models capable of connecting 5 devices (one incoming wire and five outgoing wires).



Best of Class Gel:

What has distinguished STEAB products in the market for years is that during the design phase, the company collaborated with the most qualified companies in the research and manufacturing of gel insulating materials, which have characteristics such as:

  • - excellent sealing and protection against moisture
  • - good resistance to chemicals
  • - excellent adhesion to any support or material used for tanks
  • - wide deformability and adaptability
  • - high elastic memory
  • - high degree of insulation
The Gel: The silicone gel used is absolutely non-toxic, transparent, and has excellent dimensional stability, outstanding shock-absorbing properties, vibration damping, and extremely lightweight. Latex-free and slow-burning. Mechanically stable between -30°C and 130°C.

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