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We are happy to announce a new addition to the Stack of Brands™ portfolio. After almost a year of a successful distribution of LED lighting products , TOSHIBA and Nestix are extending their cooperation by adding this lucrative product range to their mutual scope.

The TOSHIBA batteries actually have been available much earlier on the European Market enjoying the best reputation due to their superior quality.

We invite you to discover why TOSHIBA batteries are leading the pack when it comes to reliability, durability, power and quality:

  • - Designed and developed in Japan with the highest TOSHIBA standard;
  • - Safe, powerful, reliable and long lifetime;
  • - Excellent resistance to leakage;
  • - Superb low temperature characteristics;
  • - Superior materials;
  • - 10 years shelf time (peace of mind on keeping them on stock)*
  • - We provide cool retail displays in different sizes and shapes to our partners**


toshiba batteries 2


*under certain conditions, for batteries AA, AAA, excluding C, D, 9V.

**Nestix Inc might have limitation to serve certain countries with batteries. Please contact us for details.

For more details, please go to our corporate website and open the TOSHIBA catalogs.


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