What do you do when you have an 800-watt LED installation in one single circuit and you have two power supplies of 400 Watt each? Well, you can’t connect in parallel 2 regular power supplies galvanically, can you. The slightest potential and phase difference will generate internal currents and the wattage will not add up. On the contrary, it will drop.

This has been the case in the industry… up until now!

The new HYRITE Parallel series are changing the game with their special built in circuitry that synchronizes any number of power supplies of any wattage (W) connected in parallel (+ to +, - to -) as long as the power supplies are the same voltage (V).

See an example below on how 2 pcs of 300-w HYRITE power supplies can seamlessly feed a 600-w circuit.



Or generically put: P=p1+p2+p3...+pN (in the example above p1=p2=300W)

But, of course if we connect 3 different wattages, say:

p1= 150W, 24V

p2= 240W, 24V

p3= 400W, 24V

then the total wattage is: P = 790W

More features:

  •       - IP68 protection: fully waterproof, able to work permanently under water;

  •       - Aluminium housing;

  •       - Ultra slim design (18 mm);

  •       - Protection against short circuit, overload and overheating;

  •       - Available in both 12 and 24 Volt range;

  •       - Ideal for professional applications where size and reliability is important, i.e. signage industry.

Hyrite slick

In signage industry and other applications where outages and maintenance (cost of truck-roll) need to be kept at the lowest possible levels, one extra power supply can be added to ensure redundancy:



In case one unit fails:



the backup unit will take over the load.

Generically put: if P=n*p, then use n+1 units. In this case, it makes sense to use same wattage units (and same voltage of course).

Of course, the parallel function is the highlight of this article but looking plainly at the dimensions, slick design, reliability. 5-year warranty and value/price ratio, the HYRITE family can be used just plainly for just about any simple application your customers will have.

We are very excited to have this new addition to our portfolio. Hope you share this excitement and add this brand to your offering as well*. You can open the HYRITE catalog if you click the ‘Online Catalogs’ banner on this link: https://www.nestix.eu/hyrite

Happy Parallel Adventures!


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